Social media marketing basics 2017

This is a part of “Learn with DigiBash” series where we’ll teach you everything about Digital Marketing right from the beginning. Here we’ll talk about Social Media and how it’s not just a mode of communication and entertainment but the foundational stone for Business development.

Social media marketing is a technique in which a marketer uses social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Quora etc to gain a word of mouth for themselves or whichever product or brand they are marketing for.

In the today’s time, people aren’t considered ‘alive’ until it is not posted as a picture or status update or story on a social media platform with attractive hashtags! The degree of penetration this digital reality has in people’s lifestyle has completely changed the way people think or take actions. Another huge fact is that this is going to have an even greater impact on the lifestyle in the future.

Social media marketing basics 2017 - Digibash Guide

So what is social media marketing?

Usage of various social media platforms to promote your business, brand or artistic works, whichever thing you want people to see or engage with. Just like various other marketing platforms, it is also a method to generate leads, promote products and make corporate friends. It is highly understandable why businesses are taking this seriously and why they went from banning Facebook in office to hiring professionals and paying them a healthy sum just to use it for them!

Top social media platforms


Why is Social Media marketing Important?

Social media marketing basics 2017 - Digibash Guide

The fact is not just as simple as how much time people are spending on it. The reason is quite psychological indeed! When more and more highways were getting set up, connecting cities and towns and states; Marketers started using hoardings and banners to advertise, the reason was the high level of attentiveness in riders and drivers during the travel- which meant a greater chance for the product to catch eyes. And getting promoted!

In the same way, people are highly attentive while using media
It’s so good, lemme post it online! But wait, should I? What will people think? Damn, I’m confused!
People are very calculative while using Social media, they don’t want to commit even the slightest mistake or it can be a blunder!

The marketers know that if an advertisement, advertorial, promotional image or anything engaging from their social media platform appears to the user in this span of high attentiveness has a greater chance of getting promoted.

The Second reason is the relative ease of targeted marketing and options such as sharing which adds to free advantage. When was the last time you went to a friend bragging about the soap you use? I don’t really remember, but you shared the amazing advertisement they made by hiring your favourite actress.

This is the advantage of Social media, there will be tonnes of people who will be advertising amazing products for free just because they were able to click an amazing photo of the product and the Instagram filters made it even more tempting.

The third reason is its relatively lower prices in comparison to the traditional methods of advertising and marketing. Furthermore, the bigger chance of ROI. Nowadays, information is so easily accessible that it is almost impossible for any business to grow while lying about products or being in the fishy zone.

Final Thoughts

Maintaining great and engaging social media platforms is a great way to not just promote the brand but also promoting yourself as a passionate business person. Moreover, professional social media platforms work greatly to expand your contact lists and B2B relations with competitors and players in related businesses.

DigiBash will assist you maintaining the various social media platforms according to your business requirements. Will build up an appreciable post engagement and fan-base by providing quality information to your followers.

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