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SEO vs PPC Which is right for your business? If you are like many pondering over the dilemma of choosing the right marketing strategy. Read the DigiBash guide to SEO vs PPC

At DigiBash, we love SEO and PPC and have been using both channels for many of our clients, yet we’re often asked which is better. SEO and PPC sometimes are seen as natural enemies. We thought it would be helpful to pit the two against each other and see which is right for your business.

SEO or PPC Which is right for your business? SEO and PPC | SEO vs PPC | Digibash Guide

SEO vs PPC Breakdown

Both techniques are good and the choice depends on the needs of website owners and their goals, expectations, priorities, etc. Experts on both sides (PPC & SEO) claim that their system works better than the other and criticize the others workability.


Over 85% of Internet users will go to their favorite Search Engine first when looking for products or services, but 95% don’t look past the first three search results pages, so SEM should play an important part of your overall SEO marketing strategy. Finding the right mix of SEO, PPC, backlinks and quality content can land your website in a sweet spot with search engines.


First, let’s examine the key differences between SEO and PPC. You can’t really decide which strategy is best for you if you don’t understand exactly how they’re different.

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation: SEO the process or art of making a website achieve high rankings on Search Engine results pages (SERPs) for selected keywords or queries by searchers.

SEO or PPC Which is right for your business? SEO and PPC | SEO vs PPC | Digibash GuidePPC or Pay Per Click: When an advertiser bids on keywords associated with an advertisement in order to achieve a higher position on Search Engine results in pages (sponsored links section) for searches on that keyword. Other options for advertising include Google’s display network (banner ads), remarketing (which serves ads to users who have previously visited your site), shopping ads (which appear as product listings next to a search result), and map ads (ads for physical locations in the Google Maps tab).

SEO or PPC Which is right for your business?

It may sound like SEO is the clear winner. And for many reasons, SEO is important even if you’re doing PPC. The major advantage of SEO is statistically it tends to bring you better traffic and more trustworthy leads. In fact, lots of searchers have trained themselves to ignore “paid results” completely when browsing the web or searching on Google.

There’s plenty of researched data that suggests that “Natural Search” visitors landing on your website are far more likely to trust you, trust your business, and trust your products & services. Ranking highly on Google for a keyword phrase is also a sign that you’re not just credible but an important player in your industry. These are the major advantages of SEO.

But don’t fool yourself into thinking that SEO is free. No matter how you slice it, SEO comes at a cost — whether your time or the money you’ll need to invest in hiring the right agency to do the job for you. DigiBash offers impeccable SEO services which will put you on the digital map in no time.

Should You Use PPC Instead Of SEO?

Still, it’s not always the case that every business should avoid PPC just because it has a direct cost-per-click. PPC has its advantages and can even play an important role in forming your SEO process and strategy.

The question of whether you should use PPC is going to depend mostly upon your available SEO or PPC Which is right for your business? SEO and PPC | SEO vs PPC | Digibash Guidemonthly marketing budget. For most business types, PPC is only going to yield results if you can afford to spend at least $50-$100 per day on clicks. Anything less and you risk not getting an adequate return on your investment. Remember: Not every person who clicks your Paid Advertising is going to convert into a lead or a buyer. As we mentioned earlier, searchers tend to ignore paid ads.

Final Analysis

The very best answer to this question of “SEO or PPC Which is right for your business?” is that you should choose to do BOTH!

SEO or PPC Which is right for your business? SEO and PPC | SEO vs PPC | Digibash Guide

Pay Per Click is one of the fastest ways to jump-start your business with traffic today. But paid marketing tools such as Google Adwords, for example, isn’t exactly “plug and play.” There’s quite a bit of a learning curve if you’re planning to do it yourself. You should take time to hire a suitable digital marketing agency for it. PPC is the fastest way to get things moving, but it will also provide you with very good information and data for your SEO efforts. PPC is expensive so, only entertain PPC if you can afford “at least” $50 per day on paid advertising.

Search Engine Optimization is also important but will definitely take a lot longer to generate results and traffic. If your website is brand new, you’re going to be trapped in the “Google Sandbox” for at least the first few months of your website’s existence. Patience is key here. Focus on long-term benefits. Also, count on lots of fluctuations in your rankings, lots of inconsistencies, and lots of growing pains.

Still, long-term SEO is going to bring you the best kinds of traffic and the most qualified leads. Plus, your SEO efforts (optimizing code, improving page content, etc) is all going to help your PPC results as well. Google likes to reward “good PPC buyers” with lower Cost Per Click and higher Quality Scores in Google Adwords.

I hope this introductory overview was helpful. What questions do you still have about choosing between SEO vs. PPC? Please leave your comment below or contact us!


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    thank you for sharing such a brilliant information about differences between SEO and PPC
    SEO is organic, long-term and less expensive while PPC is a short-term and quick result, high successful
    Some Advantages of PPC is
    In terms of PPC, it’s a faster setup, and you have the potential to get instant traffic.
    Do it right, you are going to get traffic. There’s no doubt about that.
    It’s also cost-effective, again, if you do know what you’re doing.

    Some Disadvantages of PPC
    On the downside, it’s a lot more technical than people would have you believe. This is not plug-and-play marketing.
    Some people will say to you, “Yeah, that’s it, great. Pay-per-click, just switch it on”.

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