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The digital marketing agencies have a tedious task of good content development. The content is used to drive traffic to your website, engage people through your social media accounts, generate leads through your emails and earn subscribers for your blog.

Each and everything requires content, the webmasters often get confused about which part of the content will require the highest amount of precision. DigiBash brings to you an article to help you understand in which content development should you put the highest amount of efforts and which type can get away with a bit of leniency. We will touch various aspects of concern: the target audience, coverage, and the brand image POV. All the aspects are interrelated to an extent.

How much effort is required for different types content development?

  1. Website ContentDifferent types of Content Development - DigiBash

    Many aspiring businesspeople or established players who are looking forward gain a reputation in the digital marketing field pay more than required attention to the visual aspect of their website. Surely, the look of your website is an important aspect and cannot be written off just like that. But the real investment is content. Until the day Google starts understanding images with the accuracy it reads; the content will remain the only yardstick for it to judge your website.

    The content is required for the back-end as well as the front-end. In the back-end, content is used for the title, keywords, meta description, Image alt text, and links etc. Google’s bots will look at the relevance of these to understand your domain of concern, your quality and ultimately whether your website is worth ranking for the keywords you used. For the front-end, your visitors will read the content that you’ve written.

    The heading, taglines, copyright material, About us and other pages of interest. If this content has mistakes or fails to clearly get the message through, you’re at a loss because you’ve lost the interest of a potential subscriber/lead/client/investor.

    CONSEQUENCES OF MISTAKE: Loss of potential lead, Ruining of Brand image, Affects Online Reputation


  2. Emails (Business Emails)Different types of Content Development - DigiBash

    Email is the standard form of communication, especially for businesses. With time, various platforms for communication such as Whatsapp, Messenger or Snapchat etc have alternated for informal communication. But for the formal interaction, Emails are still very appropriate for B2C, B2B, and internal communication within an organization.

    They are cheap and instantaneous. They are also very useful for marketing and PR relations while dealing with complaints or queries. Research shows that a company will respond to your email faster than any other form of messaging. You should pay a lot of attention while framing your emails for either response or for businesses communication. They are considered official words of your company and if they aren’t perfect, this could potentially temper the brand’s reputation.

    The second reason to be especially attentive while writing you emails is that they are irreversible. Once sent is sent, you cannot send it. It is recommended to proofread your email thoroughly before sending.

    CONSEQUENCES OF MISTAKE: Irreversible message=Irreversible damage, Subsequent losses


  3. Blogs/ArticlesDifferent types of Content Development - DigiBash

    Content marketing is a huge winner in the current business scenario. It is a great way to build brand image, gain a positive word of mouth and organic sharing on social media platforms (which means the free promotion of your brand name). Its reach is limited in comparison to your website content because not every is a fan of reading or crave for knowledge. But the ones who do are usually high-quality audience.

    Consider this situation, you’re a bright student taking the first lesson from your new teacher, she does a silly spelling mistake out of ignorance. Students point that out, she corrects it with minor embarrassment. She gives a good lesson, you’ve understood that the mistake was just a small issue and she’s surely much better. Yet, you’ll remember the mistake for quite a time since it was done your teacher and was their first impression.

    If a similar mistake is repeated in your blog or article, the complication is you won’t be there to correct it with a smile. The internet is very unforgiving for grammatical mistakes, and especially the quality public that might remember your brand for this. Secondly, the people who’re coming to read your write-ups are most like knowledgeable beforehand. They can counter your points if they find any misinformation or lousy fact. Therefore, it is important to write blogs which have quality and error-free And should go through filters of proofreading and editing before getting posted.

    CONSEQUENCES OF MISTAKE: Loss of relevance, Dent in content marketing strategy


  4. Social Media Platforms

    Different types of Content Development - DigiBash

    The social media posts and the content for description etc on these platforms defer in the degree of importance. You’ll need to be very precise and accurate in your brand’s description on all the platforms; meanwhile, for the posts- LinkedIn or Quora will need a considerable amount of efforts and hard work due to the higher quality of audience. Whereas, the Facebook or Twitter can be dealt with some leniency or ease.The most important platforms include Facebook, LinkedIn, Quora, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Reddit. The aspect of leniency doesn’t mean that you can hand over the management to an intern; You’ll still need to pay attention as social media is one of the cheapest marketing platforms with huge coverage. It is the easiest way for the prospective leads to connect with your brand.

    The quality of readers is in its wholeness is lower than that of Email or Articles as everyone from a sub-urban citizen to an entrepreneur in a metropolitan city uses it. Furthermore, the quality of the content should be appropriate for all the types of readers-catchy enough for an elite to appreciate it and easy enough for the normal people to understand.

    AMOUNT OF EFFORT: Medium-High
    CONSEQUENCES OF MISTAKE: Embarrassment, Minor drop in Online Reputation (Until the blunder is not huge or controversial)


  5. Follow-up/Feedback MessagesDifferent types of Content Development - DigiBash

    The follow-up or feedback messages or emails are also a part of your brand’s content development strategy. They are hardly read or paid attention to, and most of the users just acknowledge its presence but hardly show interest in it’s written material. Research has shown that they are usually annoying or are simply ignored by the public.

    Yet, 10 out of 100 times, it is able to bring notifications to the leads that they just needed. (For example the Amazon notification of a discount on a product that was out of budget when you viewed it). These notifications can usually go on a repetitive mode and doesn’t require a lot of work, but constant notification can keep the name of your brand fresh among the audience/visitors.

    CONSEQUENCES OF MISTAKE: Minimal, but ensure that obsolete messages/schemes are under watch

The content development is a harder task when the paradigm of digital marketing comes into consideration. Knowing the level of language, the degree of efforts and target audience can be a good start, but the precision can only be attained through proper guidance. It is very important to know that the content’s quality remains between “not low enough to drop the brand image” and “Not very high that alienates a chunk of target readers”. Such nuances of content development can be cleared with experts managing your website and social media.

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