How to market your content and What is content marketing?

Get all your questions answered related to content marketing like How to market your content and What is content marketing.

This is a part of “Learn with DigiBash” series where we’ll teach you everything about Digital Marketing right from the beginning. Here we’ll explore the Content Marketing sector and how it’s a great way to spread knowledge as well as engage leads with your brand.

We at Digibash have researched on 1500 different types of content for our clients and now we are going to pass on the result of our research to you. Hope you’ll enjoy it.

How to market your content | What is content marketing | Digibash

Content Marketing is a method of marketing in which an organisation provides relevant, fact filled and highly researched content in hope of generating leads.

The conversion happens when the prospects find the information they were looking for right from the organization and the lead starts trusting the provider to subscribe for their services or buy their brand.

In simplified terms, Content Marketing is a form of marketing method where information is used as the main component for lead generation.

Due to its attempt to provide trustworthy data and statistics, Content Marketing is considered one of the most ethical marketing method.

The best example content marketing are the various Youtube Channels. They build a huge subscriber base by creating highly entertaining and content in the form of Videos.

Once the target audience turns regular watcher, these channels release their various related services such as Apps, Blogs or Merchandise. These services or products get huge conversion due to the positive goodwill of the content creators.

What makes Content Marketing so effective?

The answer to this question is fairly simple yet very deep.

Knowledge is power

People can forget any kind of favours. They forget the money you lent, the emotional support and any other significant flavours but they will always remember you for the knowledge you gave them. This is the reason why most people have a very high regard for their teachers or mentors.

With good content, a similar feeling of enlightenment can be stimulated. If the target audience finds good worth in the content on your website, they will get attached to your brand, subscribe to your services, buy your products, and will make your business grow.

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Why Content Marketing?

How to market your content | What is content marketing | Digibash

The marketplace has evolved a lot in the last couple of decades. Today the consumer cannot be easily fooled, and Internet has made Information within the reach of anyone who knows how to do a Google search.

Wikipedia, as a trustworthy source of information, has levelled the field and people will research before making any move- especially the ones which require a monetary exchange.

As per a research, 81% buyers research online before finalising their deal. This means that today’s buyer guides itself through extensive research, listing, filtering and thinking before making a buy.

A person will read about the product online, read Amazon reviews, watch YouTube videos, compare prices and the features with synonymous products.

The internet provides them it all, If you’re giving them wrong information, they’ll counter it with authentic information from 10 different sources.

If it is so hard to lie, why not start speaking the truth? Today Information is the best service; To win in the competition today, being seamless at providing Information is the best bet for sustainability.

Where can Content Marketing be used?

Content Marketing, in terms of its definition, is providing relevant and fact-rich information to the target market and convert leads by earning a subscriber base.

Subliminally pitching your business, enlightening the clients with knowledge, then telling them that we can provide the services you are looking for.

Once you remove the words such as Relevant, Trustworthy, Fact-rich and Statistical data from this definition; the only thing that will be left is “Content”. The traditional methods of Marketing extensively used Content, although irrelevant, unauthentic, half data but still whatever it was, but CONTENT. Content is used everywhere, and for a content driven field like successful digital marketing, Content Marketing is not just essential, but everything!

Content Marketing is used for:

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