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Social media has managed to stay mainstream for many years now. Social Media activities to grow your business is crucial for its success. Digibash guide will help you to achieve Social Media goals.

How do you make sure to invest into time-consuming social media activities that yield results? How do you make sure that you’re converting your social media activities into solid business profitability that boost your business?

Converting social media activities into ROI takes careful planning and execution.

How to figure out what social media activities for profitability you should be doing?Are you spending time on social media but the time spent isn’t generating results?

The key is to focus on the indispensable actions for social media that really work. The social media activities that you can actually pinpoint as fueling your business objectives and raising your profits. 

DigiBash Guide to the Social Media Activities for Profitability That Actually Gets Results.


Social Media activities to grow your business | DigiBash

Your Social Media activities Must Match Your Objectives

One of the main reasons social media activities stumble is that they don’t have a well-defined goal. To generate the best possible results, you need to have a proper plan.

Above all, you need to identify your ideal clients.

Get a clear picture of who your ideal clients are and what language they use when they describe themselves. Research your client problems and what kind of keywords they use to search the kinds of services that you offer. Research where they connect with their peers and find industry related information.

Once you have an idea where your clients are and where they interact, plan even further. How will you use the available social media platform to connect with your client? What message will you put across them? How will these social media activities on social media platforms help you to achieve each goal?

Pre-plan a content calendar, along with a daily or weekly checklist to help you stay on top of your goals – and stick to it. Try to keep things as efficient and effective by drafting message templates and scripts for each platform or type of client, which can be swiftly and easily personalized. This will speed things up.

Last but not the least, make sure that you’re crystal clear on how you’re going to track and measure the ROI of social media activities on each platform. What are you trying to achieve – and what does success look like for you? Is your aim to generate more likes or followers? Or are you trying for deeper engagements, such as comments and shares? Or maybe you are trying to convert new leads to phone calls? Whatever social media activities you may choose…you must know what you are looking to achieve.

Beware: this is where many online marketers may start to lose their way. As important as it is to generate brand awareness and nurture relationships with potential clients, for your social media activities to be truly successful it also needs to raise your sales.

DigiBash understands that you’ll need a reliable method for linking sales revenues to your social media efforts. We create unique links will help you track traffic from each platform or campaign, establishing which of these are most likely to lead to a sale. We have reliable techniques which are highly specialized and links straight back into your Google Analytics. 

Create Social Media Content That Educates & Entertains

What could be the winning formula for social media activities for profitability that gets the result?

Either focus on entertaining your audience or teaching them something useful for their business and life. Educating your audience will help you to establish yourself as an expert voice in your industry. Try to communicate a sense of your personality and connect with your audience on an emotional level. When you offer, you encourage a sense of reciprocity. People feel compelled to give something in return when they get value, whether that’s in the form of a retweet or by ultimately by becoming a customer.

So what type of content should you offer?

Social Media activities to grow your business | DigiBash

Broadly speaking, there are three types of content that really work:

Content that helps to solve an issue or problem, such as “how-to” blogs/articles, checklists, white papers, videos, podcasts, eBooks etc.

Content that connects on an emotional level, be it aspirational, humorous. Content that reassures, such as inspirational blog posts and interviews, visually content and infographics, and articles.

  • Content that informs or reinforces their belief about something in the industry, e.g. case studies, expert commentaries or key statistics.

Be Consistent on Social Media

Branding is all about having a distinguishable voice. It means to establish a tone and style on social media that is recognizable across all your platforms. And to make sure that everything you make and share fits in with the personality you present.

If you start posting content that feels different than your character you’ll confuse your audience. If the audience gets confused, it weakens their trust in you and your brand.

Consistency also means to position yourself as a reliable source of valuable information. You should only share content that you genuinely think is exceptional. If it is mediocre, they won’t read it or share it. If the content is poor, it certainly won’t improve their opinion of you and your brand.

Also, keep in mind that “valuable” isn’t always objective which is why content should be specific to your audience. Valuable social media content is that which helps to address the audience’s pain points or appeals to their business interests. Always ensure that you’re evaluating social media activities from the perspective of your audience.

“Content Marketing Institute research found that marketers said just 30% of their content was effective, which is down from 38% last year.” ~Joe Pulizzi

Don’t just be consistent in what you post, but also be consistent in when you post.

Get your audience through a weekly blog post, or a daily share of interesting content through LinkedIn or Twitter. Consistent social media activities help to build familiarity and brand loyalty. 

Build Your Tribe on Social Media

If you engage with your audience authentically, they become your brand’s biggest champions and advocates. Social Media activities for profitability makes your task easier and more effective.

People are constantly bombarded with push-advertisements, and they are more in doubt than they have ever been. You can tell them how valuable you are but it will never be as convincing as a recommendation from a peer.

Did you know, 90% of consumers trust peer recommendations?

Reviews and comments which are posted online, as well as the opinions of family, friends, and colleagues, shape people’s perception of your brand.

To have an online army of people with no agenda of their own to talk up your brand is an incredibly effective marketing tool.These are the people who actually love what you do and will shout about it at all the digital platforms. Always acknowledge and thank your brand followers, even if it’s just a shout out on a social media platform.

Other social media activities include hand written thank you notes, coupons and discounts, advance warning about new products and services… these kind of things may also go a long way.

If you don’t show mutual respect and appreciation, there’s a chance the customers may lose their enthusiasm for your brand, and you’ll lose one of the greatest assets.


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