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Social media can be used for promoting your business. Promotion of your brand through social media marketing can be done in many ways and on many platforms. DigiBash will tell you about best social media platforms for business promotion.

Social media as a whole is one of the most promising lead generation and reputation management platform. The task of remaining connected with the target audience becomes very convenient and satisfactory for both business and client.

But today, there are over 20 ‘popular’  social media platforms; not everyone is fit for marketing purpose. For example, Whatsapp and Snapchat are mostly the platforms for people to connect privately and marketing the product here will have an inverse effect, your product will be seen as a distraction for people in their private conversation.

It is very important to understand which social media platforms you can use to promote your business without disturbing the target audience from the core purpose- social networking.

Best Social Media Platforms to Promote your Business | Digibash

DigiBash brings to you the best social media platforms for business promotion and how to use them


With more than 2 billion users, Facebook holds the potential to give you the widest outreach among the target audience. Furthermore, the paid promotion options and post targeting in Facebook is one of the most precise and easiest among all the platforms.

How to use: Create the page of your business, use attractive images for the profile picture and cover photo. Be detailed regarding the description, provide address and contact info. Post engaging content of your field regularly, share relevant links and interact with the audience who comment or like. Send promotional messages to your likes and run the advertisement for major services you provide or any major event that you’d organize. All this with proper planning and guidance will allow you to grow.



According to a survey, 65% of B2B connections are made through LinkedIn today. Even without a survey, just a couple of hours on LinkedIn will help you understand why it is an elite social media. As a social media network for professionals; the ecosystem in LinkedIn is filled with mature posts, research articles, blogs regarding business, mutual respect and exchange of ideas. It’s email services and jobs search options also work very well in allowing you to find potential workforce and/or business friends.Best Social Media Platforms to Promote your Business | Digibash


How to use: Create a highly professional profile for your business as well as yourself. Keep the content precise and formal. Share views your on current affairs of your sector through a LinkedIn blog or regular posts. Make connections, participate in conversations. Be mutually respectful towards fellow professionals and entrepreneurs. Be business oriented.



Quora is basically a Q&A website but it has evolved into a platform for various people to share views and opinions on the varied issue. With a very good structure and monitoring of content to ensure that the standard of language is maintained; Quora can be used to promote your business by being informative and erudite in your answers.

Best Social Media Platforms to Promote your Business | Digibash


How to use: Create a profile, fill credentials. Choose topics that correspond with your field of work. Read other’s answers to understand the content approach. Ask questions yourself. Give answers and provide links in it. Browse through topics and search for topics you can write about, use such opportunities to create unique concepts for future usage. Comment your point of view on others’ answers. Avoid over promotion.



Google+ might not seem to be an interesting platform but since it’s Google’s own social media platform, its SEO value is huge. Activities on Google+ will allow the business to rank higher a bit easier. The biggest plus point in using Google+ is the ease of allowing users to subscribe/log in to their accounts on your website. Just like a Facebook login; a Google login is also highly convenient for users as almost everyone who uses the internet has a Google account. Best Social Media Platforms to Promote your Business | Digibash


How to use: Make a proper profile on Google. Use it to get your business on Google maps. Promote your clients to write reviews. Post your blog links occasionally.

Twitter    Best Social Media Platforms to Promote your Business | Digibash

With more than 300 million active users on monthly basis, the micro blogging website is still one of the major social media platforms. Another huge plus point is the ease of connectivity between the biggest players in the field and normal people. Another great thing is the re tweet feature which increases the chances of your tweets going viral.


How to use: Make profiles for both business and yourself. Tweet about routine as a business person and increase connectivity. Take part in trending topics. Post photos and tag your business profile. Wish on festivals and post attractive images on the business page. Try and be witty (but not offensive).


As a photo based social media, it is a rage among young generation. Most of its users are in 15-35 age group. It is turning into a photographic alternative to Twitter and in a much better way. Instagram should be used to promote yourself as a ‘cool’ business person. Instagram is viewed as a high standard social media platform so this can be an opportunity to get noticed by the creamy layer of an industry.  Best Social Media Platforms to Promote your Business | Digibash


How to use: Promote yourself and post about your business side regularly. Ensure that your profile is not centered around it. Create a separate business page if you’re selling products and post attractive pics with proper description and hashtags. Be responsive and respectful towards commenters. Post stories and go live during events.



Pinterest just like Instagram is another photo sharing site but it can be used as a more business friendly platform. The concept is to use images as a form of exposure. Pinterest also supports the business promotion. Posting images and infographics here will not just help in SEO. A ‘pin’ from a user with a huge following can give your image (and your business) a very high-quality exposure.

How to use: Post high-quality images and infographics. Have a pin it button on your images.

Best Social Media Platforms to Promote your Business | Digibash

Social media is now an inevitable part of the world. People use it to release stress, enjoy and entertain themselves. It is very important to grab attention through this medium and promote business. A good digital marketing strategy and Content strategy can make you and your business venture an overnight success. The only need is to be smart and have a quality guidance throughout.

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